“What do you feel are the best things about Pre-school?”


“The wide range of activities on offer to the children; the constant striving to do more for the children in their care…”

“The staff! Every Pre-school can have the top facilities etc, but it is the staff that make the difference which is the reason I choose Prebend for all 3 of my children”.

“The staff are so caring and friendly”

“We would just like to thank all of the Pre-school staff for making Pre-school what it is. We are so lucky to have Prebend Pre-school in Southwell!”


All our staff are trained to NVQ level 3 or higher and have worked together for a long time.

Our Managers Sue Rippin and Jeannine Evison have been at Prebend for 16 years and 14 years respectively; Rosanna Cottom (SENCO) 14 years; Jenny Wood (Language Lead) 10 years; Justine Griffin (Language Lead & Behaviour Management) 7 years and Fiona Bentley 7 years.